Arbor Mill at Mill Creek Homeowners Association

If you've bought a house in Arbor Mill at Mill Creek, you're automatically a member of the homeowners association (HOA). The main aim of any HOA is to uphold property values. This is done by ensuring all residents respect the community’s covenants and maintaining our common areas.

On this page, you'll find various documents relating to the HOA. Perhaps the most important are the restrictive covenants. Since these vary from community to community, please take the time to read them and fully understand them.

You'll also find here important notices and committee updates. Financial statements and AGM minutes are located in the members-only section of the site. Can't find what you're looking for? Contact the HOA.


HOA Board

Learn more about the role of the board of directors, the officers, the management company and the committees.


Developer turnover process

The transition from a developer-controlled association to a homeowner-controlled association can be a complicated process. It is also subject to legal restrictions. Here’s a summary of the process.

Covenants and Bylaws

Make sure you know how the community operates by familiarizing yourself with our neighborhood rules.


HOA Notices

Check out any notices made by the Board of the HOA here. You never know, they could affect you directly.


What are your HOA dues being spent on?

See the HOA's financial statements in the members-only section.