The HOA Board

Control of the Arbor Mill at Mill Creek Homeowners’ Association (HOA) was passed from the developer to the homeowners on July 25, 2019. In accordance with the community’s governing documents, the first Board of Directors and the officers that served them were appointed by the developer.  Elections for our Board of Directors is held during our Annual General Meetings (Nov/Dec time frame).  Association members in good standing may run for a position and/or cast their vote.

Our current Board of Directors and Officers are:

Board of Directors

      • Sylvia Vogel
      • Jeff Stelzig
      • Briea Brinson
      • Adam Gaslin
      • Karen Chappell


  • President: Sylvia Vogel
  • Vice President: Jeff Stelzig
  • Director:  Briea Brinson
  • Treasurer: Adam Gaslin
  • Secretary: Karen Chappell

With the exception of Adam Gaslin and Karen Chappell, all directors/officers are homeowners of Arbor Mill.

The Role of the Board

The board of directors (or governing body) direct the activities of the HOA in line with its governing documents and Florida’s statues. They make decisions and carry out actions in good faith for the best of the community. The HOA is organized as a non-profit corporation, so the directors may not make decisions that benefit their own interests rather than those of the members.

Collectively, the board is responsible for managing all aspects of the association. It’s powers and duties include but are not limited to:

      • Enforcing rules set out in the Covenants and Bylaws
      • Arranging insurance on behalf of the association
      • Engaging vendors to maintain the community’s common areas
      • Preparing budgets and financial statements for the association

The Role of Individual Directors and Officers

Directors are either appointed by the declarant or elected by the members of the association to serve for specific terms. According to our current bylaws, that’s one year.

President: presides at all board meetings and oversees many of its procedural duties, such as calling the meeting to order, announcing the agenda and ensuring adherence, maintaining order,  proposing questions, calling for votes and announcing the results, and recognizing others to speak on the floor. The president is the spokesperson for the directors in most matters.

Vice-President: shares many of the leadership and procedural duties with the president and takes on the leadership role when the president is unavailable.  The vice president’s responsibilities include ensuring order is maintained during meetings, ensuring a smooth flow of business, and serving as an informed source about association rules, bylaws and governing documents.

Treasurer: in communities that have passed on the day-to-day financial responsibilities to a property management company, the treasurer is responsible for ensuring that all association funds are collected, disbursed, invested and reported accurately and remain in compliance at all times with the association’s by-laws and governing documents.

Secretary: in communities that have passed on the day-to-day documentation responsibilities to a property management company, the secretary is responsible for reviewing the association’s meeting minutes and official records and ensuring they are distributed to association members. He or she is responsible for overseeing the proper provision of notices of meetings, as well as the distribution  of documents, such as official records, agendas and meeting minutes, on a timely basis to association members

Board members/officers are volunteers and do not get paid. However, since their positions demand a significant commitment of time, energy and expertise, it is common for HOA directors to delegate day-to-day activities to licensed individuals or businesses while retaining ultimate control. This is the case with our community. Our board of directors is partnered with Associa, an industry leader in property management for community associations.

The Role of the Property Management Company

Associa supplements the volunteer work of the directors and officers by handling accounting functions, facilitating communication, providing legal knowledge, inspecting for rules violations, and building solid vendor relationships.

The team assigned to Arbor Mill are experienced property managers. They are there to guide the directors and officers through their decision-making process, help them make sound business decisions, and ensure all their legal obligations are met. They are also available to the committees to help them in their activities.

Their framework is the association’s governing documents, the board’s policies, and Florida’s statutes. In other words, they work within the guidelines that we set as a community and in accordance with the law. They can be contacted at 904-367-8523. For general information, please send an email to You can read more about Associa on their website.

The Role of the Committees

Arbor Mill at Mill Creek is also served by several committees, which are staffed by homeowners on a voluntary basis. Those committees are:

    • Amenity Center and Events Committee: oversees the maintenance and the upkeep of the Amenity Center and its resources. Chaired by Ashley Locke
    • Architectural Review Committee: reviews architectural issues in the community and makes recommendations to the board. Chaired by John Bolger
    • Covenant Enforcement Committee:  reviews alleged homeowner violations against the HOA restrictions and the Florida Statutes regulating HOAs, then advises the Board of their findings and recommendations for action to take.  Chaired by Michael Vale
    • Landscaping Committee: oversees the “look and feel” of the community landscape and the performance of the landscaping sub-contractors. Chaired by Josh Murphy
    • Nominating Committee: responsible for developing the criteria of board candidates annually. Chaired by Jeff Locke
    • Welcoming Committee: responsible for welcoming new owners, developing the welcome packet, and coordinating fellowship and gatherings. Chaired by JoAnn Dekrell

Committees are a vital part of a homeowners association. More often than not, it’s the committees that spot emerging issues, suggest and implement improvements, and organize events on behalf of the community. Once they’ve addressed the matter at hand (with or without the help of the management company), the board merely gives a final stamp of approval.

Our committees are totally reliant on volunteers. If you’d like to help on any of the committees, please contact the HOA via You don’t need to give up a lot of time or have a lot of experience. You just need a willing heart and a large dose of enthusiasm.