HOA Notices

In this section you'll find notices from the homeowners association to the residents of Arbor Mill at Mill Creek. These notices include announcements of regular or special Board meetings, proposed rule changes, and dispute resolution notices.

Looking for the HOA budget or the minutes to the last AGM? Go to the members-only page.


Do you own a golf cart? Then please read this notice. It explains that our streets are county-owned roads and are not designated by St Johns County for use by golf carts and other similar vehicles.

Basically, if you drive a golf cart around the neighborhood, you're breaking the law. This HOA notice gives you the relevant Florida Statute and St Johns County Ordinance, and states that the HOA is not responsible for monitoring any violations of these laws.

This handy pamphlet from the St. John's County Sheriff's Office explains golf carts, low speed vehicles, safety, violations, and what you need to do in order for your "golf cart" to be legal.

Further information can be found in the  county 2018-42 ordinance.  

Please be a good neighbor and follow our community and county rules.  We all want to live in a safe and respectful neighborhood.


The annual fees to the HOA were due on January 1, 2020. If you haven't yet paid your fees, you have until February, 2 to avoid incurring a late fee.

The annual dues notice and pay slip were mailed to every resident, along with the information pack regarding the HOA annual general meeting.

Please make checks payable to Arbor Mill at Mill Creek Homeowners Association, Inc. The amount for 2020 is $630.44. Don't forget to write your account number on your check and include your payment stub.  You can mail payments to:

Arbor Mill at Mill Creek
c/o Associa Community Management Concepts of Jacksonville
PO Box 63128
Phoenix AZ  85082-3128