Irrigation system and mowing limits

The Landscaping Committee is working with the Amenity Committee to get the irrigation system working properly (we’ve been having problems with it). The plan is to install annuals in the front of the Amenity Center, but of course this can’t be done until the issue with the irrigation system is resolved.

The Landscaping Committee would also like to remind everyone of the mowing limits for those living on the water. You are responsible for mowing your back yard down to the tree line. The landscaper is now responsible from the tree line to the water’s edge.

If you live on the top lake, you need to mow to the first row of trees only (i.e. the landscaper should be mowing to the second row of trees from the water’s edge).

Mowing the grass

Lawn care tip: the suggested length for cutting St Augustine grass is no shorter than three inches. Do not scalp your lawn. St. Augustine spreads by sending out above-ground stolons; mowing the grass too short will seriously damage the lawn.