Notice to All Dog Owners

This is a friendly but firm reminder to all our neighbors who own dogs.

Clean Up After Your Dog
Remember to clean up immediately after your dog. On every walk, take a baggie so you can pick up your dog’s waste and dispose of it properly, either in one of the dog waste stations or your own trash can.

There are too many instances of dog owners letting their dogs defecate on the path, in someone’s yard, and around mailboxes. Being distracted by your phone, claiming you didn’t notice your dog’s activity, or not having a scoop & poop bag is no excuse. You are responsible for your dog’s behavior at all times.

Animal waste is unsightly, smelly, and even hazardous to our health.

Be a Good Neighbor

Leash Your Dog
When walking your dog in our community or letting it out in the yard, remember that it should be leashed at all times. The only exception is if you have a fenced yard or you’re in the dog park.

Unfortunately, some dogs run, jump or snarl at other walkers and even people in their own yard. That can be intimidating or even frightening for some. We know you love your dog, but not all people are comfortable around animals, even if they’re friendly. No one should not feel unsafe anywhere in our neighborhood.

By leashing and cleaning up after your dog, you help keep our community clean and safe. You also eliminate of one of the most irritating nuisances we have. Thank you for your cooperation!