Pool Closed (Update)

Crystal Clean Pools were finally able to get their electrician out to us.  Apparently, a rod in the primary pump has frozen the pump, which is throwing the circuit. Com-Pac Filtration is on call to see if they can unfreeze the pump while we wait for them to order and install a replacement pump.  If they can temporarily get the pump working, we can re-open the pool. For now, we must close the pool.

The pool closing is on a voluntarily basis until we can get the pump working.  Crystal Clean has been manually keeping up with the chemicals up to this point, but they will not continue to manually adjust the chemicals after today.

In the meantime, the pool contractor, Martin Pools, is coming out on Monday to dig around the pack to find and seal the leak that is allowing water to infiltrate from the outside.  To confirm, this is not a landscaping issue as was feared by some.