Pool closed May 29/30 (update)

The pool had to be closed on Wednesday, May 29th and Thursday, May 30th because fecal matter had been discovered in the water. The Amenity Center Committee and HOA reacted as soon as they were informed by a concerned resident. They checked the pool, put up a ‘pool closed’ sign on the gate, and contacted the pool cleaning company, as recommended by the CDC.

A notice was then put on the website stating that the pool would be closed until Friday morning to give the pool company time to come out and disinfect the water.

The pool company duly came out on Thursday morning to carry out the disinfection.  Once they had cleaned the contaminated pool and allowed the chlorine enough time to do its job - kills germs and prevent Recreational Water Illnesses - the pool company removed the closed sign and re-opened the pool.

Please don’t let this happen again
To avoid this situation in future, parents must make sure that babies and children not yet potty-trained wear proper swim diapers at all time while they are in the water. Fecal matter in a swimming pool poses a serious health risk due to exposure to bacteria and parasites.


Many thanks to the Amenity Center Committee and HOA for responding so quickly.

To know more about the what needs to be done when poop is found in the pool, you can download the CDC's fecal accident response recommendations for pool staff.