Pool Update: Wed, Aug 14

I was assured this morning by the owner of Crystal Clean that the pool is safe to swim in for now. The chemical readings are good, and the water has been kept nice and clean. The main pump does kick in now and again, which helps.

Approval has been given for the purchase and installation of a new drive (VFD) for the main pump motor (5hp). This can be picked up from the manufacturer today and hopeful installed tomorrow.

The replacement smaller pump motor (1hp) is due to arrive on Thursday. Apparently, the wrong one was delivered by the supplier in Chicago and had to be re-ordered. Once that is installed and operating, Crystal Clean can determine whether the smaller VFD that is wired into this is working or not. If it’s not, that will have to be replaced as well.

The splash bucket will be fixed as soon as the pumps are in working order.

I mentioned our concerns about hard wiring the sump pump instead of plugging it into the GFI. He’s pretty sure the electrician would have kicked that order back (safety hazard and all that), but he will reach out to the him anyway just to double check.

As always, I’ll post an update when I have more news for you.