Streets get final paving

Lennar has notified us (a little belatedly) that the final paving of our streets is starting today (June 5th). You've probably already noticed the crew and the machines, so no big surprise, but here are the details:

Phase 1 streets to be paved on Wed, June 5th:
Athens Dr

Phase 1 streets to be paved on Thu, June 6th and maybe Fri, Jun 7th:

Trumpco Dr
Big Dog Dr
Henrico Dr

The remainder of Phase I will start to be paved on June 25 (will probably take two or three days in total). These streets need not worry today about the laying of asphalt:.

Baltic Ave
Lansing Ct
Atlanta Dr
Tristan Ct
Bonair Dr

One of our residents - Eva Greene - has kindly got some info from the supervisor to answer the questions that many of us are bound to have. Here they are:

  1. Don't drive on wet coat (tack).
  2. Once asphalt is laid & rolled, a car can be driven on it to access your home.
  3. You may want to move your car prior to paving to avoid any splashing.

The guys are really nice and polite and seem to be doing a good job. They're working fast, one half of the road at a time, so disruption should be kept to a minimum. Smile, be patient, and think of the nice new road we'll have afterwards.

When asked if the construction trucks still coming through to the various building sites would mess up these nice new roads, the crew's supervisor said no, they shouldn't. Let's hope he's right!